Thors Military Academy map

Main School Building

The main building of the Thors Military Academy is a large, U-shaped building positioned in the center of the campus. There are a variety of rooms for the first and second year affairs including a teacher’s room, a medical office, a computer room, and a specialties room. You can go on the rooftop to see a full view of Trista’s surroundings and landscape.


The gymnasium offers training facilities such as a martial arts training room, indoor swimming pool, exercise club, men and women’s changing and shower rooms, basement marksmanship and tactics practice room, and more.

Student Council Building

The student council house offers facilities to support the academy life of the school’s students. On the first floor, you’ll find the school cafeteria and store. On the second floor, the student council room and culture club. And on the third floor, a salon for the aristocrat students.

Technology Building

The technology building offers dedicated facilities for the management and maintenance of all sorts of equipment. The technology club controls it, and Angelica Rogner’s bike is parked here, too.


A large building able to accommodate all of the academy’s students. Here, big events such as the school entrance ceremony and autumn festival are held.


The 200-year-old library boasts a substantial collection of books. It’s furnished with self-study spaces where many students gather during test periods.

Sports Ground

For all types of training, the sports ground is a spacious area where mock battles and other small scale practices can be done. On its outskirts is the horse riding club’s barn, and after school, the girl’s lacrosse team practices here.

Old School Building

An unattended building currently not in use on the outskirts of the Thors Military Academy. It was constructed in the Middle Ages, and its basement houses a large amount of ruins. Strange phenomenon often seem to occur here, which Rin and the rest of Class VII are tasked with investigating.

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