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"自分の”道”を見つける ー まずはそこからだ."
"I'll find my path - starting from there"
—Rean's intro quote, Sen no Kiseki
"If that's the case, I'll march with full force"
—Rean's intro quote, Sen no Kiseki II

Rean Schwarzer (リィン・シュバルツァー Rinn Shubarutwaa) is the adopted son of Baron Schwarzer and a noble of the northern imperial region. He is the main character and a member of the Special Class VII in the Thors Military Academy. He has inherited the power of the Eight Leaf Sword Style from the East, but fears the power sleeping within himself so he tries to hide his abilities. Rean was chosen to be the pilot of the mysterious human-type weapon Cavalry God of Ash Valimar and fought valiantly against the dangers approaching the academy, but he lost in a fight against his senior mate who piloted the Cavalry God of Blue. Unwilling to comply, he withdrew and awoke in a distant, mountainous area.


He was adopted by Baron Schwarzer from the hot spring village, Ymir. Rean doesn't have any recollections before he was adopted therefore it's unknown whether he's originally a commoner or a noble. Despite not being blood related, the Schwarzer family had raised and loved him like a real son.




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