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".....Mhm. --Welcome back."
—Fie's intro quote, Sen no Kiseki II
"This will be decided, accel...! Shadow Brigade!"
—Fie's S-Craft quote, Sen no Kiseki II

Fie Claussell (フィー・クラウゼル Fii Kurauzeru) is a former member of the Zephyr Brigade, a mercenary group that was destroyed when it clashed with the Crimson Constellation prior to the events of the game. A girl once lived the life of a hunter, she’s highly skilled in combat and is well-regarded for her physical abilities as well. After her brigade, Zephyr breaks up, she practically forces Sara to come along with her as she enrolls in Thors Military Academy. While she initially butts heads with Laura as someone who lived a completely different life from her, the two eventually become close friends, and she does a lot of growing up by participating in school life by way of things such as practices and clubs. Fie struggles with studying and has the ability to sleep anywhere.


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